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Business Analyst/Developer (Contractor)

BA/PM/QA, Application

15 February 2024


Our client (a bulge bracket Investment Bank) is seeking a talented and versatile Business Analyst/Developer to join their team. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in supporting ongoing client demand. This position involves working on the end-of-day system, a .NET system, with a focus on Model Configuration, end-of-day runs, and QA Analytics. While the role is a mix between a technical Business Analyst and a developer, it is not heavily focused on development.



  • Support ongoing client demand and business requirements, working closely with Front Office, Middle Office, and Back Office.

  • Collaborate with Quants and contribute to end-of-day system tasks in a .NET environment.

  • Undertake Model Configuration, End of Day runs, and QA Analytics tasks.

  • Work closely with the business to understand and address their needs.

  • Utilize source control and analytics tools to enhance development processes.



  • Solid understanding of the business, with knowledge of Rates, Structured Products, and Hybrid CLN.

  • Background in development is beneficial, with proficiency in source control and related tools.

  • Experience in Model Configuration, End of Day runs, and QA Analytics.

  • Strong communication skills and the ability to work effectively within a team.


Key Requirements:

  • Previous experience in a similar role, preferably within the financial industry with a solid understanding of Rates, Structured Products

  • Familiarity with .NET systems and development environments.

  • Ability to balance technical and business aspects of the role effectively.

  • Capability to work independently and collaboratively with cross-functional teams.

  • Demonstrated expertise in source control and analytics tools.

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