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Python Quant Developer- Top-tier Systematic Trading Firm


26 January 2024

Sydney, Australia

Our client, a top-tier Systematic Trading Firm, is looking for a Python quant developer to join their new mid-frequency statistical arbitrage team. Successful candidates will work in a start-up environment take ownership of projects and contribute to design.



  • Build the greenfield trading system and research infrastructure, work closely with the research team

  • Build connectivity to internal data and execution platforms, responsible for the whole SDLC

  • Develop data pipelines, research, and post-trading analytics tools



  • At least 5 years of professional software engineering experience using Python 3 /pandas and the Linux environment

  • Knowledge of version control and the software delivery lifecycle.

  • Experience with deployment and process control tools like Docker, K8s, Jenkins, and Airflow, proficiency in SQL and Timeseries Databasing (InfluxDB, TimescaleDB), familiarity with asynchronous messaging systems such as ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ, and Kafka

  • Real project experience in deploying Time Series or Machine Learning systems (e.g., Tensorflow, MLFlow) would be advantageous

  • A Master's degree in Data Science/Statistics or experience with Time Series or Statistics would be a plus

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