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Web3.0 Decentralised Exchange Frontend Developer - Crypto Startup


15 December 2023


We are a technology company focused on Web3.0 development and innovation. We work with cutting-edge technologies to build decentralized applications and provide solutions for the blockchain ecosystem. As a front-end engineer, you will be part of our dynamic team, collaborating with product, design, and development teams to deliver exceptional user experiences.


  • Collaborate with Product, Design, and Development teams to implement product features

  • Review application requirements and interface designs

  • Develop a visually appealing front-end for applications

  • Manage and develop databases and applications

  • Write effective APIs

  • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade software

  • Implement security and data protection settings


  • Minimum 3 years of experience as a Frontend Developer

  • 1+ years of professional Web3 development experience

  • Strong proficiency in React and familiarity with common front-end libraries

  • Knowledge of databases (e.g. MySQL, MongoDB), web servers (e.g. Apache), and UI/UX design

  • Familiarity with Web3 technologies on Ethereum such as Ethers.js, MetaMask, and WalletConnect

  • Experience with open-source software development and Git

  • Strong problem-solving skills

  • Self-motivated individual with excellent communication skills

Preferred qualifications:

  • Demonstrated experience in impactful multi-year projects

  • Familiarity with Graph Protocol and Ethereum blockchain indexing tools

  • Deep understanding of DeFi protocols, including lending, borrowing, trading, and other financial primitives

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