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Interview with Huayi Dong on Algo Trading

24 April 2018

Today, we have on the podcast, someone I have known and admired for a while! He has quite an accomplished career and has built quite some expertise in the world of Electronic Trading systems. He is currently the Head of Electronic Trading Solutions at Daiwa Capital Markets and was with UBS before focusing on their Algorithmic Trading platform. Before that he was with ITG as their Principal Engineer in their Algorithmic Trading group.

Despite all his achievements, he is extremely modest and a great person to talk to. So, let me extend a warm welcome to Huayi Dong!

Today, on the podcast, our goal is to pick Huayi's brains on Algo Trading and the future of Electronic Trading in his opinion

"Huayi's podcast and algo trading"Questions:

  1. Please introduce yourself in your own words and say a few words about your background

  2. You got into the world of Finance in 2005 by joining ITG. Why the interest in Finance at the time you entered it?

  3. You've since done so well in your career - and you have carved out a niche for yourself in Algo Trading. Did you choose to do so or was it the way that events unfolded?

  4. Since, we have listeners at all levels, could you talk about what Algo Trading is?

  5. What did you find that was so fascinating about it?

  6. nano seconds, milli seconds are some of the terms thrown it to determine how good algo trading systems are. Is speed everything in algo trading?

  7. Would you describe yourself as a tech guy or a business guy?

  8. What would it take, in your opinion, for a developer to stand out when building these algo trading systems?

  9. Is there a particular language like C++ or Java or C# that lends itself better to building these systems?

"Quick sneak peak into the future of Electronic Trading systems"

  1. What's the biggest tech change you have witnessed in Electronic Trading since 2005?

  2. It sees like it's so easy to trade these days. Anyone can do it and there are so many 1-man bands out there. Do you think this space is now saturated?

  3. How do you see this industry changing in the future?

  4. Are there any particular countries or places that have an advantage when it comes to having these trading firms established there?

  5. Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Big Data. What do these mean in the world of Electronic Trading? How much of it is hype?

  6. Are you able to talk about what Daiwa is doing in this space?

Winding up: Questions:

  1. What career advice would you give to young ambitious IT professionals climbing up their career ladders now and wanting to do something in the world of Electronic Trading?

  2. Do you have a special routine that you follow that has enabled you to achieve success in your career?

  3. What books do you read? Is there a pattern and what are some of the top books you'd recommend?

  4. Has there been a key mentor or a significant person in your life that has enabled you to achieve the success you have had in your career?

  5. Knowing what you know now, if you could travel back to when you were 25 years old, what advice would you give yourself?

  6. Is there anything else you would like to say that we haven't asked you?

Interview with Huayi Dong on Algo Trading
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