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Ricky Lui (Identity Access Mangement)

6 June 2019

Today on the podcast, we have with us Ricky Lui who is a Security Consultant with SailPoint which is a company specializing in Identity Access Management. This topic of Identity Access Management is becoming increasingly important in today's world especially as internet connectivity everywhere is getting deeper and faster.

We will be talking about this topic in depth with Ricky today so first of all, let me welcome Ricky to the podcast.


  • Please introduce yourself in your own words

  • What is the relationship between Accenture and Sailpoint?

  • Can you please also talk about your background and how you ended up specializing in IT Security / Identity and Access Management

Questions on our topic:

  • What is the difference or relationship between IT Security and Identity Access Management?

  • Can you give us an overview of IAM? Provisioning / Entitlement

  • What is IAM so important? Especially, why now?

  • As databases grow, how does one protect private data / prevent outside attacks?

  • What kind of problem does Sailpoint solve in particular?

  • Can Sailpoint's solutions be applied to Cloud-based CRMs like Salesforce?

  • Can you talk about cases where companies have lost money due to bad IAM?

  • Is this important for small companies and big companies?

  • Can you talk through a couple of examples of implementation of IAM?

  • Is IAM mainly deployed on the Cloud? Is IAM mainly deployed on the 'Application' side or the 'Infra' side?

  • What are some of the mistakes companies make when it comes to IAM and how do they fix it?

  • Do the latest concepts like Machine Learning and AI also interact with IAM?

Future of IAM

  • What is the future of IAM and how is it changing?

Ricky Lui (Identity Access Mangement)
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