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Suresh GP (DevOps / SRE)

14 June 2019

In our line of work, especially since 2018, we came across various roles for DevOps Engineers or Site Reliability Engineers (as Google calls them). Today on the podcast we are thankful for having Suresh, Principal Engineer of TaUB Solutions, a management consultancy firm specializing in advising clients on DevOps practices, Agile Project Management and other areas.

He is a Certified DevOps Leader and Agile Service Manager. 

Today on the podcast, we want to focus our conversation on DevOps and explain what that is layman terms. So, first of all, let me welcome Suresh to the podcast. 


  1. Could you briefly talk about your background?

  2. What got you interested in technology?

  3. What is TaUB Solutions and what do you do for your clients?


  1. What exactly is DevOps? 

  2. What is SRE and Platform Reliability Engineer and what is the difference between that and DevOps?

  3. Could you please explain with an example of a workflow that involves DevOps?

  4. Some people thing DevOps is a glorified Operational role. Is that true? What makes DevOps sexy?

  5. Is it possible that different companies could use the term DevOps in different ways? What could be other possible definitions of DevOps?

  6. Please walk us through an example of a typical day in the life of a DevOps engineer?

  7. What are some of the misconceptions of DevOps?

  8. What makes a good DevOps candidate?

  9. What is the career path like for someone in DevOps?

  10. How will DevOps evolve in the future?

  11. Would a DevOps engineer need to have knowledge of Cloud Technologies?

  12. In what situations would it make sense to not have a DevOps model?

Suresh GP (DevOps / SRE)
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